Space Shooter

Lunar Mercenary


Immerse yourself in the world of Lunar Mercenary, a first person space shooter experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Explore the universe, progress through the story and slaughter the rebels standing in your way in order to reach the ultimate goal; annihilation of the rebel alliance.

My Contributions:


- Menus

- Load Levels / Import Levels

- Change Level

- Shield/HP


- Camera Shake

- Rotating Asteroids

- Movement

- Missions

- Solved Bugs in our Common Utilities library


Project Specifications:


-Made in 10 weeks half time


-Team of 12 (3 Level Designers, 5

programmers, 4 Graphic artist)


-Running in a custom made engine


-3rd party libraries: DirectX, Wwise, tinyxml


-Link to the game: Lunar Mercenary